About Us

Elegant. Luxe. Intimate.
Saif, Flonero ™ Founder
FLONERO is a boutique, luxury floral brand that specializes in real, Ecuadorian rose arrangements that last an entire year in full, perfect bloom without any up-keep.
This Canada-based brand is influenced by both Roman historical and cultural sensuality of beauty, form, and desire, as well as a breath of modern practicality and ease.
Our brand is built on the elements of detailed quality, luxurious, raw materials, and a pervasive sense of the higher sentiments of love, eternity, living forever, and true beauty. Our vision is to bring perfection and luxury to the floral arrangement world in a revolutionary new way by employing real experts and professional techniques to deliver quality boxed bouquets. We don’t cut corners – ever.
The FLONERO logo, a woman wearing a mask, symbolizes our dedication to empowering people to make a bold statement of eternal love and elegance with our luxurious rose box arrangements.
At FLONERO, we take time to get the details right because we believe beauty is in the finer points.
Our floral firm is staffed by a team of floral experts who oversee every single detail of our rose arrangements, from the basics to the final product details to ensure you end up with a premium, high-quality rose arrangement.
With roses that last a year, you can finally symbolize a commitment that lasts forever, whether that’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a familial tie with the elegance and pomp your intimate feelings deserve.
Before you receive your FLONERO rose box, your rose arrangement goes through a rigorous process to ensure it merits our FLONERO mark of perfection.
Each FLONERO rose arrangement starts with real, gorgeous Ecuadorian roses harvested at the peak of their bloom by our Ecuadorian rose farmers. Then, the rose arrangement is manufactured by professional Italian fabric experts, dyed by our Moroccan dyeing professionals, then hand-arranged by professional florists into our gorgeous rose boxes.
Finally, the finished box is stamped with our unique FLONERO metallic gold logo to signify its exclusive high quality.
Be inspired by the rich, sensual Roman style of the floral arrangements.